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Newton's Law - How does Physics relate to the lodge and everyday life?

I find it fascinating how often I find myself relating those subjects in school that we all hated to the realism of life. Those subjects, especially math related that we thought was so stupid and we would never use them after school. Yet, I find them almost everyday of my adult life.

The part that excites me even greater is that these many times also are correlated to the masonic teachings that we hear in the lodge room. It is no secret that freemasonry highly regards the liberal arts, especially that of geometry and math. Going hand in hand with these too could also be physics.


So..what brings this conversation to mind? During a discussion with some of my team members at work we were discussing what our daily life activities were. They were amazed at what I was accomplishing during a typical day. They were getting up, getting coffee, watching TV/or play a video game, eat lunch, go to work, go home have a refreshment, watching TV/or play a video game, and then back to bed (understand we work a 3pm-11pm shift). During this conversation I mention that our lives can be related to Newton’s first law of motion “an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force”. Therefore, if you just sit on the couch you will continue to sit on the couch until you unless they decide to put themselves in motion. I attempt to stay busy, and therefore my body will stay in motion. One of the young team members races cars. I related this to his racing. It takes more torque and, therefore fuel to put a car into action from a rest position that it does from an already moving position. We related this to the drivers revving their engines at the start line is actually building torque or energy for the release of the power for takeoff. They began to understand. Our bodies and life cycles are no different.

Later while I was alone, I realized that this also related to our lodges. An object (Lodge) at rest stays at rest and an object (lodge) in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. Does this not reflect the activity level in our lodges? A lodge that does not have activities to engage its membership will stay at rest. A lodge that is in motion creates energy (excitement) and the members what to join in. Subsequently, this is also true with recruiting. A busy lodge will attract more prospective members than a lodge at rest. What does it take to get started? A willingness, fortitude and prudence to move forward to stay moving forward. This is accomplished through Leadership


What Can I do?

Do not let an idea continue to get tabled. Move on it. Lead it. Your motion/ or rest may be the unbalanced force to move or stop your lodge growth.

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